EDP repurchases 680 million in debt

  • ECO News
  • 21 January 2020

The company led by António Mexia wanted to buy back up to 750 million euros in debt with maturity in 2075.

EDP bought back 680.8 million euros out of a maximum of 750 million euros in securities maturing in 2075. The amount spent on the acquisition, in the market, of these securities was obtained by placing a new “green” debt issue.

“EDP announces that it has set the Final Acceptance Amount at 680,800,000 euros,” says the electric company in a statement to the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). This operation was carried out on January 13th.

In this operation, EDP proposed the early repayment of debt securities maturing in 2075, with a total value of 750 million euros. It ended up repurchasing 92.2% of the debt.

In order to pay for this bond repurchase operation, the electric company advanced with issuing green debt securities, with a maturity of over 60 years – 2080.

The company led by António Mexia paid 1.75% to issue 750 million euros in bonds representing subordinated green debt, with an option for early repayment 5.25 years after the issue date, revealed on January 13th in a statement sent to the Portuguese regulator.