Mexia says he can’t let a shareholder interfere in EDP’s strategic plan

  • ECO News
  • 15 November 2019

António Mexia, EDP’s president, warns the Chinese from China Three Gorges that he will not allow a shareholder to impede the development of EDP's strategic plan.

EDP’s president, António Mexia, argues that the partnership with the Chinese from China Three Gorges must be advantageous for both companies and that it must not allow “a shareholder to interfere or impede the development of the strategic plan”, a message left to Chinese shareholders in an interview with the Económico newspaper.

“The partnership with CTG must be a win-win partnership, for CTG and EDP,” said the leader of the national electricity company, adding that the company wants to develop business in places and areas beneficial for both EDP and China Three Gorges.

“Any partnership will have to take into account the interests of all EDP shareholders, period. And what we want, and have at this moment, is to be in places where this partnership is good for both companies. This is the work. Partnerships are good for that”, explains the person in charge.

António Mexia also assures that there is interest from American shareholders in electricity: “We see interest from many American funds in EDP”.

The renewables market in the United States has “a giant potential” due to the resources and strong demand, highlights the head of electricity who won four tenders in the USA at the end of October. But the company will also explore other markets and Japan could be the next step to develop offshore.