Lisbon doubles tourist tax in January

  • ECO News
  • 19 December 2018

Lisbon's tourist tax will double in January, with the approval of PS, PAN, BE and the against votes of PCP and PEV. Taxes and other such penalties are expected to give Lisbon a €98.6m income in 2019.

The Lisbon Municipal Assembly approved the capital’s Tourist Tax to double to two euros per night, this Tuesday.

The document was approved by the Socialist party (PS), the People, Animals and Nature party (PAN), the Left Bloc (BE) and nine independent members of parliament, while PPM, MPT, CDS-PP, and PSD abstained and the Communist Party (PCP) and Green Party (PEV) voted against.

For 2019, the administration of the city council expects that taxes, tickets, and other such penalties will produce around €98.6m in income.

That means “an increase of €29.3 m (+42.2%), mostly motivated by the €1 increase in Lisbon’s tourist tax, which will be translated into an increase of about €22m for state revenue, and of around €6.9m from construction and infrastructure taxes and urban taxes, due to the increase in investment in requalification of the city.

In mid-October, the Left Bloc, which has a governing agreement for the municipality, told Portuguese news agency, Lusa, that the tax would be doubled from 1 January 2019 onwards, to reinforce urban cleaning and transport in parts of the city facing greater pressure from tourism.