GalpGate: former secretaries of state will not go to trial. Each will pay a fine instead

  • ECO News
  • 10 December 2018

The three former secretaries accused in the travels case to the Euro 2016 will have to pay a fine of around €4000 instead of going to trial.

The three former secretaries of state involved in the GalpGate case, were not accused by the Public Ministry. (MP). This case is investigating Galp, a Portuguese oil company, as it was discovered that they were covering the travel expenses to France, to several politicians, on the occasion of the Euro 2016 competition.

Rocha Andrade, who held the position of secretary of state for Tax Affairs, João Vasconcelos, responsible for the Industry department, and Jorge Costa Oliveira, formerly responsible for the Internationalization department, were three of the politicians invited by the company. They will have to pay a fine of around €4000, according to the news released by jornal i.

The former secretaries asked for their resignation in July last year, following the accusations. Now, João Vasconcelos is a part of the Strategic Council for Digital Economy of the CIP (Portuguese Entrepreneurial Confederation).

Galp was indicted, and the company also invited the economic advisor to the Prime Minister to watch the Portuguese team’s games at the European Championship of 2016. Carlos Gomes da Silva, Galp’s CEO, and Carlos Costa Pina, former politician and current administrator of the Portuguese oil company, have both been made defendants in this process.