Porto’s metro drivers go on strike 10, 17 and 31 December

  • ECO News
  • 26 November 2018

Excessive hours at work are motivating Porto's metro workers to go on strike, asking for a reduction from 40 to 37 hours weekly hours of work.

Drivers of Porto’s metro network are to hold a strike for three days in December (10, 17 and 31) demanding the change of the professional category, reduction of the workload and employment of more professionals.

In statements to Lusa, the head of the metro drivers’ union Rui Pedro Pinto said that the company, Via Porto – responsible for the service – should accept “a group of 12 people, who are already in training,” but, in his opinion, it is “insufficient,” as “20 to 30 more professionals would be needed.”

The reduction of the workload is another demand.

Pinto said that the goal is to reduce the weekly working hours from 40 to 37 and a half hours.

“We have excessive working hours, and this has been reflected in the health of workers and the performance of their duties,” he said.

He also said there is a need for more professional training, which has been missing “for eight years.”

“As the number of workers is insufficient for the needs, it is not possible to let them off to go for training,” he said.