Industrial output in Portugal was the 3rd lowest at EU level in September – Eurostat

  • ECO News
  • 14 November 2018

According to the EU's statistics office, year-on-year industrial output increased by 0.9% in the eurozone, and 1.1% in all EU member states, while in Portugal, it decreased by 0.1 %, year-on-year.

Industrial output rose year-on-year in September in the euro zone and the European Union (EU), but fell against August, with Portugal registering the third largest decline, according to Eurostat.

According to the EU Statistical Office, industrial output increased by 0.9% in the euro zone and 1.1% in the 28 Member States, compared with September 2017.

Month-on-month the indicator fell by 0.3% in the euro zone and 0.2% in the EU.

Compared with August, the sharpest decreases in industrial output were recorded in Latvia (-3.3%), Lithuania (-3.1%) and Portugal (-2.8%).

The highest monthly increases were observed in Denmark (2.8%), Ireland (2.2%) and the Netherlands (1.2%).

Compared with the same period of last year, the main increases in the indicator were registered in Ireland (9.4%), Poland (5.0%) and Denmark (4.3%) and the sharpest decreases in Malta (-5.3% ), Croatia (-2.6%) and the Netherlands (-2.3%).

In Portugal, industrial output fell by 0.1% in September compared with the same month of 2017.