Number of people earning salary below €600 drops 12.9% Q3

  • ECO News
  • 13 November 2018

The minister of employment has said this Monday that the number of people earning a salary below €600 dropped by 12.9% in the third quarter. Employees earning between €1,200 and €1,800 rose by 9.5%.

The number of people in Portugal earning a salary below €600 dropped 12.9% in the third quarter, the minister of employment, solidarity and social security said at parliament on Monday.

José Vieira da Silva pointed out that the average salary of civil servants rose 3.5% year-on-year in the third quarter to around €880.

According to the results he presented to MPs, the number of employees with net earnings of between €600 and €900 rose 8.7%, while those earning between €900 and €1,200 euros rose 8.2%. Employees earning between €1,200 and €1,800 rose by 9.5% and those earning above €1,800 euros rose €7.2%.

Portugal’s Socialist government in 2015 cast aside harsh austerity measures imposed by lenders under a €78 billion bailout programme.

The government has since raised public salaries and pensions and restored holidays and estimates growth of 2.3% of GDP and 2.2% next year.