Councillor for housing resigns following delayed vote for regulation

  • ECO News
  • 23 October 2018

The socialists have asked for a delay in the voting for the housing package. Despite BE and PCP's rejection of the delay, the voting for new regulations was postponed, making councillor Roseta leave.

Portugal’s leader of the parliamentary working party on housing, Helena Roseta, resigned on Tuesday after a vote for new housing regulation was delayed for the third time at the behest of the ruling Socialist party.

Socialists called for the vote to be delayed saying it was a complex matter and suggested the vote should take place during the first week of December.

Roseta, an independent MP elected by the Socialist party, consequently resigned.

The Communist Party (PCP) and Left Bloc (BE) opposed the delay of the vote but the Socialist party had already called for the vote to be delayed on 11 September and on 16 October.

The legislative package for housing encompasses 11 measures, including a programme for accessible rents and tax benefits for long-term leases.