Chinese and American tourists spend the most on their holidays in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 23 October 2018

In Portugal, the tourists which have more money to spend during their holidays in the country are the Chinese and the North-Americans, according to the secretary of state for Tourism.

Chinese and North-American tourists are among those spending more on their holidays in Portugal, the state secretary for Tourism, Ana Mendes Godinho, stated in a world tourism event held in Macau, this Tuesday.

“These tourists [the Chinese] spend a lot, they spend as much as the North Americans,” said Ana Mendes Godinho, at the Global Tourism Economy Forum in Macao, which started off this Tuesday and ends this Wednesday.

In 2017, the tourist revenue coming from China increased by 80%, in comparison to the previous year, reaching €130m, the secretary of State noted. “Wine tourism is something that the Chinese market really appreciates”, she added, defending that tourism should be diversified in the country in terms of offers, promoting tourism in the whole state and during the whole year.

“Macao is the entry point to China, and Portugal should be the entry point to Europe”, making a statement that it is the perfect place to “visit, invest and study”, she concluded.

The declarations from the secretary of State were made at the Global Tourism Economy Forum, held in Macao, an event which “engages public and private sector stakeholders from around the world in high-level exchanges on timely and thought-provoking subjects”.