Elisa Ferreira won’t run for ECB’s leadership position

  • ECO News
  • 27 August 2018

ECB’s supervisory body (SSM) leadership, held by Danièle Nouy, was up for grabs. The vice-governor of the Portuguese Central bank was a favourite, but ECO's sources confirmed she won't be applying.

The vice governor, Elisa Ferreira, decided not to present her application for the leadership role occupied currently by Danièle Nouy.

Last week, the BdP’s executive was on the list of favourites to fill in this position in the supervisory body of the European Central Bank.

ECO’s sources have confirmed that she has not applied to the position and took the decision to stay out of the race for the leadership of the SSM last Friday, even though she was thought to be one of the strongest candidates.

According to our sources, the ex-MEP’s decision to not apply for a role she was recommended for, was taken both for personal and professional reasons. The vice-governor of the BdP hasn’t yet reached half of her mandate at the central bank, and she showed little interest in leaving her homeland for the moment.

This Monday morning Jornal de Negócios announced the socialist’s decision, which ECO has later confirmed.

She is currently the vice governor of the Portuguese Central Bank, an institution she started collaborating for in 2016. Before that, she had spent a decade as a member of the European Parliament, during which period she focused mostly on economic issues, such as the monetary union and the financial system.

At the BdP, Ferreira conducts the Department of Prudential Supervision which aims at maintaining banking stability with special regards to credit solvency issues. The Portuguese ex MEP is also in charge of representing the country at the Supervisory Board of the ECB and at the European Banking Authority

The BdP was contacted by ECO, yet refused to comment.

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