Portuguese tourists among those who spend least on holidays

  • ECO News
  • 20 August 2018

The Portuguese, the Latvians, the Romanians and the Czechs are among those who spend the least on their holidays. 79% of tourism expenditure was spent on trips inside the EU.

The Portuguese are among the European citizens who spend the least on their holidays, handing out an average of €136 per trip, less than half the European Union average of €336, according to figures published this Monday by Eurostat.

Figures from the EU’s official statistics office on, “who spends more on holiday,” with figures for 2016, show that Luxembourgish residents spend the most, on average a total of €768 on each trip (one or more overnight stays), followed by Maltese tourists (€646) and Austrians (€607), while Latvians (€107), Romanians (€124), Czechs (€129) and Portuguese (€136) tourists were at the opposite end of the scale.

Source: Eurostat


In absolute terms, Germans spent the most on holiday, accounting for 28% of EU tourist spending with a total of €120 billion spent (an average of €443 per trip).

Of the total amount spent by EU citizens on tourist travel in 2016, 45% was spent in their country of residence (domestic tourism) and 55% in other countries, with 66% of Portuguese spending focused on domestic tourism, the fifth highest percentage in the EU.

Eurostat’s statistics show “EU residents spent 84 % of their tourism expenditure on trips inside Europe (79 % inside the EU)”, and also that “in 2016 EU residents spent an estimated EUR 428 billion on tourism trips, mostly on trips abroad (55 %)”.

Source: Lusa