Oporto will have a two euros’ tourist tax starting on March

  • ECO News
  • 12 December 2017

All guests aged over 13 years, regardless of their home location, are comprehended in the tax enforced from March onward. Visitors will have to pay two euros per overnight stay.

Oporto’s City Hall approved this Tuesday the charge of two euros’ tourist tax per overnight stay for all guests aged over 13 years, to be enforced in the beginning of March.

In the municipality meeting, the executive headed by Rui Moreira approved the regulation for the Municipal Tourist Rate, which states that the rate will “start being enforced on March 1 of 2018, non applicable to reservations demonstrably carried out before that date” and it is charged by night, “to a maximum of seven overnight stays per person, or per stay, regardless of the means of reservation (on-site, analogical or digital)”.

The approved rate is “charged per guest aged over 13 years, including birthday, regardless of their home location“. The tax is not charged for guests whose stay is “motivated by medical treatments, and that non-subjection includes one companion”, as well as to guests with a 60% or more disability.

In the document, Rui Moreira considers the “success of Oporto as a reference destination and in constant growth, resultant from the resident and migrant population that goes daily to the city center, means there is a strong pressure on public equipments, infrastructures, public way and in the overall urban space”.

Therefore, Rui Moreira adds, “if we want to continue having Oporto as a sustainable reference destination, we will need tourists to take part in the payment of utilities the municipality generates for them, in manageable limits, assuring there is equity in the amount to be paid, in regards to the wear from the touristic footprint”.