Oporto is out of the game to receive the EU Medicines Agency

  • ECO News
  • 20 November 2017

The Portuguese city of Oporto is out of the running to receive the European Union's Medicines Agency.

Oporto is out of the running to receive the European Union’s Medicines Agency. As it was foreseen, there was no winner in the first round, and Milan, Amsterdam and Copenhagen moved on to the second round. Oporto got ten points.

The most voted city was Milan, with 25 points, followed by Amsterdam and Copenhagen, both with 20 points. Bratislava, which was considered to be the favorite by the Financial Times, gathered 15 points. Barcelona got 13 points and Stockholm got 12 points, followed by Oporto and Atenas, with 10 points.

This Monday morning, Croatia and Ireland had quit the race, joining Malta, which backed down last Friday.

The voting takes place in the General Affairs Council meeting, with the presence of the State Secretary of European Affairs, Ana Paula Zacarias.

In the second round, each member-State holds only one vote, which will be granted to the most voted cities in the first round of the voting.