Isabel dos Santos is exonerated from Sonangol by Angola’s President

  • ECO News
  • 15 November 2017

Angola's President João Lourenço has exonerated Isabel dos Santos this Wednesday. The State secretary for Oil, Carlos Saturnino, will be replacing her.

Angola’s President João Lourenço has exonerated Isabel dos Santos, the daughter of former Head of State José Eduardo dos Santos, from chairwoman in Sonangol this Wednesday, replacing her with Carlos Saturnino, an official source stated.

The information was confirmed to Lusa by the Civil House of the President of the Republic, adding that Carlos Saturnino was also exonerated from State secretary for Oil to take on the leadership of the State oil company. Paulino Fernando de Carvalho Jerónimo will replace Saturnino in the Angolan Government.

The news had been disclosed by the Portuguese TV channel RTP earlier this month, but was denied by the Angolan Presidency.

The businesswoman Isabel dos Santos was nominated for the role of chairwoman of the administrative board of the Sonangol group in June of 2016 by José Eduardo dos Santos, who was then Chief of State in Angola. Her mission was to lead the oil restructuring in Angola’s largest corporate group.

In one of her last public interventions, in October, Isabel dos Santos stated she had no political ambitions and wanted to remain a businesswoman. Isabel dos Santos stated she entered Sonangol in June of 2016 with other professionals of the private sector with a “sense of mission” and a desire to “contribute” to the country.