Interest rates renew minimums of December of 2015

  • ECO News
  • 12 October 2017

Portuguese interest rates continue falling in most maturities; the ten-year rate renewed minimums of December 2015.

The day after IGCP raised 1,250 million euros in the double auction on Portuguese debt, national bonds’ interests continue falling in most maturities. In this auction, Portugal got the lowest interests since February of 2015 and, on the markets, minimums continue being renewed as well.

Ten-year rate gave in three basis-points and stands at 2.305%. With this decrease, the rate renews minimums from the beginning of December of 2015. In five-year maturities, the rate also decreased one basis point to 0.93%. The three-year rate stands at 0.175%.

Ten-year interests renew minimums of December of 2015

Source: Bloomberg

The first time Portugal went to the market after Standard & Poor’s removed Portugal from the junk status, Portugal was able to get 750 million euros in ten-year bonds. This Wednesday, on the double auction, the five-years financing rate stood below 1%, meaning that in total, Portugal was able to get 1,250 million euros.