FT: Portugal has three schools among the world’s best Masters in Management

  • ECO News
  • 11 September 2017

According to the FT Masters in Management Rankings 2017, among the 95 best management masters in the world, there are three programmes from Portuguese universities: Nova, Católica and ISCTE.

Portugal was able to place three management masters programmes among the 95 best in the world, according to the Financial Times Global Masters In Management 2017 ranking. Those Portuguese universities are Nova SBE, Católica Lisbon and ISCTE Business School. In fact, Católica Lisbon comes third in the world in terms of the career progress criterion.

The management master from Nova School Business and Economics, named “International Masters in Management”, is the best placed Portuguese degree, coming in 17th place, the same as last year. Daniel Traça, Dean for Nova SBE, in a press release, stated that “these results confirm the university’s excellency and internationalization strategy”.

The Master in Management from Católica-Lisbon comes in 38th place, along with the Copenhagen Business School, in Denmark.

The ranking is made from 17 indicators which assess the quality of the school and the master in three main dimensions: graduates’ career progress, school diversity and international research and experience. And as for career progress — which considers the evolution of students’ professional journey between the end of the masters and the next three years –, Católica-Lisbon is the third best school in the world, and the second best European School.

“It is with great satisfaction that we see our programmes increasingly attracting more talented students, internationally recognized by the market”, says Guilherme Almeida e Brito, Católica-Lisbon’s Acting-Dean. He adds that the institution will continue its commitment to “contribute to a top-class training in Portugal and abroad”.

As for ISCTE Business School, it made its premiere in this ranking, standing at the 84th place with their programme “Msc in Business Administration”. José Paulo Esperança, ISCTE Business School’s Dean, “this place is extremely valuable because it improves the international exposure and it acknowledges the work the school has been developing since its beginning”. José Paulo Esperança highlights that this ranking “was only possible because last year, we were able to obtain one of the main international academic accreditations — AACSB“.

The top 3 of the Financial Times ranking has been the same for three consecutive years. In the first place comes the University of St Gallen, in Switzerland, followed by Paris HEC. The third place is occupied by IE Business School in Spain.