Subir Lall is no longer the IMF mission chief for Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 28 July 2017

Subir Lall is no longer the IMF mission chief for Portugal. The current IMF mission chief for Brazil, Alfredo Cuevas, will become the head of IMF focused in Portugal.

Alfredo Cuevas is the new IMF mission chief for Portugal. The Mexican will replace Subir Lall, the head of IMF’s mission in Portugal since 2013; by then, he came to replace Abebe Aemro Selassie. Nonetheless, Subir Lall “will still oversee the completion of Portugal’s 2017 Article IV consultation, scheduled to be discussed by the IMF Executive Board in September”.

Alfredo Cuevas, the new IMF mission chief for Portugal.

“The IMF has chosen Alfredo Cuevas to be the new mission chief for Portugal. Having completed nearly 4 years as mission chief for Portugal, Subir Lall has assumed the position of mission chief for Egypt“, the IMF discloses in a press release sent this Friday. Cuevas was the IMF mission chief in Brazil. The Mexican has a masters and doctorate from the Princeton University.

“Cuevas joined the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department in 1994, working on a range of issues, including social security reform”, states the IMF press release. “Back at the IMF, he worked in the African department as mission chief for São Tome and Principe, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, senior resident representative in South Africa, and chief of the regional studies division. He will take over after the completion of the 2017 Article IV consultation in September“, the press release further adds about Alfredo Cuevas.