Lisbon subway will be brought to a halt: strike scheduled for August 1 and 3

  • ECO News
  • 18 July 2017

August will begin and Lisbon will have inactive trains in its subway. Lisbon Metro (Metropolitano de Lisboa) has warned the Environment Ministry about the strike.

Metropolitano de Lisboa will be brought to a halt. Subway employees announced a strike during the 1st and 3rd of August as a way of protest against the schedule deregulation, safety conditions and also the “psychological harassment” from their management.

The warning of the strike in the first Tuesday and Thursday of August has been sent to the Board of Administration of the Metropolitano de Lisboa to the Environment Ministry, according to a press release sent by Unions of subway workers.

This 24-hour strike is justified by: “deregulation of labor relations and schedules”; “non-compliance with regulations, agreements and protocols in force”; “poor safety conditions because of the pressure from operators from the Operation Directorate”.

The Lisbon subway workers also point to a “psychological harassment” issue — which leads to the “increase of absences and to a permanent labor conflict” –, the “undue use of first level managements in work places” and the “lack of employees in all operational areas, with outsourcing being preferred”.