After 23 years, the brand PT disappears. Altice takes charge

  • ECO News
  • 24 May 2017

With this identity renewal, a 23 year cycle in which Portugal Telecom lead the telecommunications business in the country comes to an end. What is implied in this rebranding?

Two years after Altice purchased PT Portugal, the French communications group decided to end the brands Meo and PT, gathering them all in under one brand, Altice; their signature is “Together Has No Limits”. Michel Combes announced a new global strategy and explained the name, brand and new logo will gradually replace the current brands in each of Altice’s worldwide operations.

In a press release, Altice assures the operation is a “significant step in the Group’s development, in order to reinforce its operational and industrial platform”. Still, Carlos Coelho, Ivity Brand Corp president and brand expert, states to ECO that this change of identity has been made by others: “Altice views this change as a way to reinforce its path of freeing the brand from issues related to local brands“.

Carlos Coelho, considers this to be a normal step, although he points out the negative aspect of this rebranding: “We will discontinue our brands as a result of a more global economy, which will bring to the surface our weaknesses in some economic areas”, he states. In addition, Coelho mentions clients’ confidence may be affected, and warns for the possible consequences of this instability: “Changes are always delicate for consumers and opens new doors for competitors; it remains to be seen how they will take advantage of those opportunities”, he assures.