Portugal welcomes Tesla

  • ECO News
  • 30 January 2017

The electric cars’ brand launched this Friday a video setting the tone for the brand’s entrance in Portugal, the scenario chosen by Tesla to present their vehicles.

The streets of Oporto illustrate the romantic side of Portugal described by Tesla. ARR

“This is Portugal. This is a country of renewable sources. A country of serenity. Agile. Elegant. Romantic. Portugal: an electric country.” These are the statements made in the video of Tesla’s most recent advertisement, setting the tone for the brand’s entrance in Portugal. Lisbon, Oporto, the coast line and the hinterland are some of the images chosen as the scenario for Tesla’s cars.

The brand announced this Friday that it is now possible to order their vehicles in Portugal. Aside from this, Tesla is preparing the inauguration of their first store in Lisbon, on the second semester of this year. In a press release, the brand assures the first orders of the S and X Models “will be delivered on the second quarter”, in Lisbon.

The video was shared this Friday on Facebook, and it has over 19,000 views and shares.

“Hello Portugal, here we are!”

Tesla is now available in Portugal. On the brand’s website, clients are able to simulate the prices for their dream cars: the Model S costs 76,300 euros and the Model X, 107,000 euros.

Will Portugal have the factory?

In the beginning of January, Portugal, Spain and the Netherlands were competing for the location of the new Tesla Motors factory. The government has been negotiating with Tesla since the beginning of 2016, but the decision of the North-American manufacturer will happen this year, since the country has been trying to convince Elon Musk – the founder of Tesla – to build the new gigafactory in Portuguese territory.