Ricardo Salgado is forbidden from leaving Portugal and from speaking to other defendants

  • ECO News
  • 19 January 2017

The judge Carlos Alexandre has decided on the coercive measures to be applied to Ricardo Salgado, former chairman of the Portuguese Bank Espírito Santo (BES).

Ricardo Salgado is forbidden from leaving the country without permission and also from contacting the remaining defendants of the Operação Marquês and some people connected to the Espírito Santo Group. This decision, made by judge Carlos Alexandre, was disclosed this Wednesday to the press.

The former chairman of the Portuguese Bank Espírito Santo (BES) was heard by the Central Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Prosecution this Wednesday and charged for Operação Marquês, the corruption case involving the former Portuguese prime minister José Sócrates and in which there are several links to the Espírito Santo Group.

“The defendant was indicted for facts which could be included in the following crimes: corruption, breach of trust, trading in influence, money laundering and classified tax evasion”, is stated in the press release sent by the Prosecutor-General’s Office.

Carlos Alexandre, the judge from the Criminal Central Court in charge of the Operação Marquês case, gave Salgado the following coercive measures: “prohibition to leave the country without previously requesting authorization and also the prohibition to keep in touch with the remaining defendants, as well as with some people and entities related to the Espírito Santo Group”, is also stated in the press release.

Ricardo Salgado stated he was surprised with the decision, but confirmed his willingness to cooperate with Justice Departments.

"I continue to cooperate with Justice Departments; from day one, I have always been available to work with the Courts.”

Ricardo Salgado

Therefore, Ricardo Salgado is now involved in three cases: Operação Marquês, whose process must be concluded in March 2017, Operação Monte Branco, and Universo Espírito Santo; in all three cases he is accused of money laundering, classified tax evasion, corruption and trading in influence.

We should recall that Ricardo Salgado had been arrested in 2014 for crimes commited in the Monte Branco Operation, and was released in December 2015 after five months of house arrest.