Five apps to discover at the Web Summit

  • ECO News
  • 9 November 2016

The Web Summit is the place to find any type of business. The five apps ECO chose please a wide range of people and seek investment to continue developing.

An app to keep up with the main exhibitions in your city, a website to speak with people who have moved to another country, a forum to learn a language with someone who speaks it – and that wants you to teach them your native tongue – and also an app to stop having to wait for the photographs taken by your friends. In FIL’s Pavilion 1, at the Web Summit, you can find about 40 different social networks. ECO got to know five of them.


Have you ever considered moving abroad? And what if you could speak to someone who has done it before, and that has chosen exactly the same country you are thinking of? Expat is the app to choose, because it is where you can speak to someone who has gone through the same process you are considering.

Julien Faliu, founder and CEO of Expat, summarized to ECO the idea behind the app he developed.

To “expatriate” a business one must consider the networking service the app offers and also the opinion of people who have used it before – all comments can be found on the website.


“Be part of your local art scene” –that is the motto of Glarify, founded by Felix Haas. He, also the CEO of the company, told ECO Glarify is an app that creates a map with the main museums, concerts, galleries, exhibitions and others that exist in your city.

It is an app for artists, galleries and institutions, but also for art-lovers, as the founder highlights. If someone has, for example, an art gallery, they can register at the app and announce their exhibitions or promote them to a specific type of audience. Felix Hass has shown ECO how the app works.

Speak and Lunch

Have you ever wanted to learn a different language? What if you could trade what you know of your language with someone who speaks fluently the language you want to learn? Then you must get to know Speak and Lunch.

The app, developed by Eleni Theocharopoulos, aims to facilitate the process of learning a language through the trading of knowledge and the main goal is to schedule a lunch or Skype appointment. But there is a rule: half of the lunchtime is in one language and the other half in the other.

“Imagine you are English and want to learn Portuguese. You can start speaking with a Portuguese person who wants to learn English and share your linguistic knowledge”, Eleni told ECO.


You went to a concert and your friend took some nice pictures, but you never saw them because your friend kept them to himself? Then you must install Capture.

Capture was designed by Joris Heijnen and is the “first social camera app”. According to the founder, it is an app that allows you to share, straightaway, the pictures you take of people who are close to you – whether you know them or not.

In the video, Joris explains the entire process.

Positive Hugs

Positive Hugs in a new dating app for the HIV community. The concept was designed by a ‘positive person’, Andrew Goyvaerts, aiming to be able to have a place where people “can meet someone to date without fear of stigma or even rejection upon disclosure of status”.

Here is the explanation given by the CEO and founder.