Ghosn: Cars will be a mobile connectivity space

  • ECO News
  • 8 November 2016

The chairman and CEO of Renault-Nissan Carlos Ghosn has estimated, during the Web Summit in Lisbon, that cars will go from being a means of transportation to a “mobile space for connectivity”.

In his intervention in the main stage of the technology and innovation summit, Brazilian Carlos Ghosn has anticipated a ‘four wheel’ transformation, pointing out that even the “internal architecture” of the vehicles will change, as will the driver’s seat.

“Cars will be used to work, for people to connect”, he estimated, predicting many screens inside the passenger compartment in future cars, more so because space will increase due to the elimination of the usual large engines, that will generally be replaced with electric technology.

Carlos Ghosn added manufacturers are starting to work together as cars become more connected and automated and, therefore, they are increasingly cooperating with external companies, including startups and universities; Ghosn adds that Renault-Nissan collaborates with NASA, which is “very powerful in remote control technology”.

At issue is driving “with no eyes on the road or hands on the steering wheel”; consumers must “have a huge trust in technology” if they are to buy the vehicles. But optimism is the watchword of the businessman, given the “many benefits of the technology”. Ghosn pointed out that as long as manufactures continue to collaborate with authorities and understand the limits, they are heading “in the right direction”.

Everyone is interested in terms of safety, better traffic management and a more comfortable driving.

Carlos Ghosn