Startup Portugal launches platform to ‘map’ entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2023

  • ECO News
  • 20 December 2022

Public tender should be launched by March, with the intention of having the platform up and running by the end of the year. Startup Portugal wants to have a clearer picture of the national ecosystem.

Startup Portugal wants to have a clearer picture of the country’s startup ecosystem and, to do so, will launch a new ecosystem mapping platform. ECO understands that the public tender is expected to be launched during the first quarter of 2023.

“At Startup Portugal, we are working to make the ecosystem mapping information more accurate, more current, and more comprehensive and representative of everything happening in the ecosystem,” António Dias Martins, CEO of Startup Portugal, tells ECO. “Currently, our source of information is, and we need to have a tool that encompasses more sources of information and more entities contributing to richer, more complete and more accurate information about the ecosystem,” he continues.

The information currently collected by through public information in the press gives an account, for example, of the amounts of investment collected by startups based in Portugal, enabling us to trace the progress of the investment gathered by the ecosystem.

“This ecosystem is made of transactions, operations, capital increases, funding, business projects, and naturally everything that surrounds these types of initiatives is covered, when we are talking about companies that are not listed on the stock exchange, by some confidentiality,” he says.

“Besides what is public and what is being captured by the current information providers, we want to go further and collect information from relevant entities for the ecosystem, which aggregate stakeholders, whether they are investors, incubators, tech companies or others. It will allow us to complement the information we already have,” he explains.

“This has to be done through a platform designed to suit us, that feeds on very varied sources of information, more than today, and that allows us to make a curation, a confrontation of data so that the final result is coherent,” he reinforces.

“We want this platform to allow quick and easy interaction between stakeholders in the ecosystem, namely incubators, universities and investors, and to be a point of contact for establishing partnerships and common initiatives that may, through this IT platform, bring these entities closer together,” concludes the same source.

The future platform is being defined, and the goal is to launch the public tender “in the first quarter of 2023” so that, “desirably by the end of 2023, [it will] have something new to present.”