Floods in Portugal threaten 435,000 jobs

  • ECO News
  • 14 December 2022

Flooding could affect thousands of jobs, especially in the tourism and retail sectors.

The floods that have affected the municipalities surrounding the Tagus River and the Ribeiras do Oeste may threaten about 435,000 jobs and over 119,000 businesses, particularly in the retail and tourism sectors, reports the Jornal de Notícias (JN), citing the Plan for Management of Flood Risks of the Tagus and the Ribeiras do Oeste – 2nd Cycle (2022-2027) from the Portuguese Environment Agency.

“Floods take on special relevance by the extent of the area subject to flooding, but also by the relevance of urban centres subject to this type of occurrence,” says the report. They may be “rapid or urban floods” in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon and the city of Tomar and “long-term floods” in the main course of the Tagus River, in the Sorraia River and the stream of Muge.

The measures announced in 2016 to minimise flooding in the region had an execution rate of 45% in December 2020, according to JN.