Highest number of startups, investors, visitors ever at Lisbon Web Summit

  • Lusa
  • 2 November 2022

Exhibition space was sold six weeks ahead of the event, increasing to a maximum capacity of 8,478 square metres for partners and startups, up by 57% on 2019.

Lisbon Web Summit announced on Wednesday that it has reached its maximum capacity with 71,033 participants from 160 countries, with the largest number of startups and investors ever.

What is considered, according to the Financial Times, the largest technology event in the world, recalls that this year’s edition, the seventh, registered “71,033 participants from 160 countries” and sold out tickets earlier than ever before, three weeks before the summit kicked off on Tuesday in Lisbon.

“Event organisers have increased space to the absolute maximum”, expanding to “204,386 square metres (1,046 tennis courts) to accommodate the growth”, the Web Summit, led by Paddy Cosgrave, adds.

With limited spare capacity additional structures have been built, extending out to the Oceans, “over roads and other local spaces, and adding approximately 21,094 square metres of space for attendees” within the event.

“The scale of this year’s event is extraordinary. The event space is at maximum capacity and we are welcoming more attendees, startups, speakers and investors than ever before. We are delighted to be back to full capacity and looking forward to continuing to grow in the coming years,” Web Summit co-founder and chief executive officer (CEO) Paddy Cosgrave said, quoted in a statement.

Exhibition space was sold six weeks ahead of the event, increasing to a maximum capacity of 8,478 square metres for partners and ‘startups’, up by 57% on 2019.

The industries most represented in the startups are software services (SaaS), fintech, e-commerce, artificial intelligence (AI) and advertising.

Of the 1,050 speakers, 34% are women – the same percentage as in 2021 -, says the organisation, noting that more than 2,000 journalists will attend the conference

This year, Web Summit has speakers on four new stages: Book Summit, Verified, Crypto and Security Summit.

Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska was the event’s opening speaker – the ‘opening night’ ceremony – who highlighted the role of technology in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, emphasising the power of technology in keeping people safe.

In terms of investors, there are 1,081 from 60 countries.

Female participation totals 30,000, or 42%, and although the gender balance has fallen compared to last year, it is still close to parity.

In addition, there are nearly 400 companies founded by women” among the startups present.