Investment of €18M in new 17.4 MWp solar power plant in Albufeira

  • Lusa
  • 9 September 2022

The solar park assembled by NextEnergy Capital and Frequent Summer "is composed of 39,564 panels, with an installed power of 17.4 MWp", occupies "an area of 28 hectares in Albufeira.

An investment of €18 million has allowed the construction of a photovoltaic plant in Paderne, in the Albufeira municipality, which will have an installed power enough to supply “more than 8,000 homes”, the promoters said on Friday.

The solar park assembled by NextEnergy Capital and Frequent Summer “is composed of 39,564 panels, with an installed power of 17.4 MWp”, occupies “an area of 28 hectares in Albufeira municipality” and was inaugurated this Friday, near the Algarve town of Paderne.

The ceremony was attended by the director of NextEnergy Capital, Filinto Martins and the representative of Frequent Summer, Rogério da Ponte, as well as the mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo (PSD). The promoters highlighted the “annual production capacity of 29.6 GWh of electricity”, which will “supply more than 8,000 homes”.

On the other hand, they highlighted that the project also has an environmental component, by “avoiding the emission of 9,620 tons of CO2 per year”.

“Portugal is a country with a high growth potential in terms of solar energy production. The Paderne photovoltaic plant reflects this scenario and shows NextEnergy’s commitment to this type of investment,” said Filinto Martins.

The same source added that, with this investment of €18 million, “the company not only strengthens its global presence, through the implementation of this project in Portugal, but also contributes to the economic and sustainable development of the Algarve region”.

The Mayor of Albufeira, José Carlos Rolo, considered that the municipality was “lacking an investment of this nature” and highlighted the importance of the solar park to “cover 8,000 homes”.

The mayor underlined that solar energy “doesn’t pollute, is renewable, clean and silent” and allows bringing to the municipality “a greater good” in environmental terms, when society is confronted “with several areas of combat, such as the economic crisis and climate change, whose repercussions range from food to social dynamics”.

“Due to the high solar exposure, the Algarve presents unique meteorological conditions for the establishment of a photovoltaic plant, besides being a region that already has knowledge, installed capacity and human resources prepared for challenges and investments such as this,” justified Rogério da Ponte, representative of Frequent Summer.

The same source stressed that, “for all these reasons, Frequent Summer’s strategy will include not only this power plant, but also other projects still under development.

NextEnergy Capital recalled that it has “investments in more than 350 solar power plants, with a capacity of around 2.5 GW” and highlighted the experience of the NextEnergy Group, “to which the company belongs”, in the “development, construction and operation of solar projects in different countries”.