Airport handling workers’ union expects 100 flights cancelled in Portugal due to strike

  • ECO News
  • 26 August 2022

The National Union for Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC) accuses Portway of hiring external services to replace strikers.

The National Union for Civil Aviation Workers (SINTAC), which called for a strike at Portway, expects around 100 flights to be cancelled and estimates that the strike will be attended by between 50% of the employees in Faro and 90% in Lisbon. The information available on ANA’s websites shows 87 cancelled flights at Humberto Delgado and Francisco Sá Carneiro, between departures and arrivals.

In Lisbon, 31 flights didn’t come, and 27 won’t depart. In Porto, 29 have already been cancelled, including 15 arrivals and 14 departures. According to the ANA website, there are no cancellations in Faro and Funchal.

About half of the cancelled flights in Lisbon are operated by EasyJet but also include other companies. According to information made available by Portway, the paralysis that runs between this Friday and Sunday affects 21 carriers. In Porto, EasyJet is also by far the most penalised.

“At the moment we have an adhesion of around 90% in Lisbon, 85% in Porto, between 60% and 70% in Funchal and between 40% and 50% in Faro,” said Pedro Figueiredo, a member of the SINTAC board.

The strike called by SINTAC covers the airports of Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal and will take place between August 26 and 28.