State collects almost €30 million from aviation tax

  • ECO News
  • 8 August 2022

Created in July 2021, the revenue from the carbon tax reached €28 million in air travel. June recorded the highest ever figure, surpassing the €4 million mark.

The Portuguese state has already collected €28 million from the two-euro tax – in force since July 1 last year – which is paid by aircraft passengers to offset carbon emissions that are released into the atmosphere, with Lisbon airport accounting for more than half of this amount (€15,650,478), reports Jornal de Notícias.

To date, June was the month that brought the most revenue to the government, totalling €4,033,026, according to data provided to Jornal de Notícias by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC). The result of the application of this tax is the Environmental Fund’s own revenue, but ANAC is entitled to a 3% contribution, deducted from the monthly amount to be transferred to the fund.

Overall traffic has soared with the recovery of international travel. However, also noteworthy were the last months of 2021, where the November and December accounts reached €2,502,664 and €2,327,256, respectively.