TAP can’t reverse salary cuts approved in restructuring plan

  • Lusa
  • 24 June 2022

The minister for infrastructure and housing on Friday warned that TAP's restructuring plan must be respected.

Portugal’s minister for infrastructure and housing on Friday in Lagos warned that TAP’s restructuring plan must be respected and that the company was not in a position to reverse the approved salary cuts.

“The government does not negotiate, the TAP board is the one negotiating, but the government will continue to explain and raise awareness of the importance of us all being firm in carrying out the restructuring plan on which the survival of the airline they work for depends,” Pedro Nuno Santos said on the sidelines of the ceremony to sign the contract for the electrification of the railway section between Tunes and Lagos.

For the government official, TAP “is not exactly in a financial situation that would allow it to reverse the cuts that were fundamental and which are key to sustaining the recovery of the company.

Last Sunday, TAP announced it would reduce pilots’ pay by 10% and increase the threshold at which it would apply pay cuts to the remaining workers.

On Monday, the Civil Aviation Pilots’ Union (SPAC) accused TAP of “manipulation and propaganda” and assured that it would activate “all legal mechanisms” to contest what they say is being “breached”.

Subsequently, the SPAC said at the end of a meeting it had on Thursday evening with the minister of infrastructure and housing, that the solution to the situation at TAP “is on the side” of the company and “the government”.