Mota-Engil to pay gross dividend of €0.05175 per share

  • ECO News
  • 17 May 2022

The distribution of €15.9 million to shareholders results in a gross dividend of €0.05175 per share.

Mota-Engil will pay a gross dividend of €0.05175 per share starting from June 2, according to a statement sent on Tuesday to the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM).

According to the company headed by Gonçalo Moura Martins, the amount corresponds to a net dividend of €0.03726 taking into account a 28% withholding tax. The paying agent is Caixa Geral de Depósitos (CGD).

“Furthermore, from May 31, 2022, inclusive, the shares will be traded on the stock market without conferring the right to the dividend,” the statement said.

In 2021, Mota-Engil reported a turnover growth of 9%, to a total of €2,656 million, and a net profit of €22 million.