Lisbon’s Nova university launches tender for new 550-bed residence

  • Lusa
  • 8 April 2022

According to information released on Friday, the Nova University of Lisbon has launched a tender for the creation of a university residence, in Caparica, Almada.

The Nova University of Lisbon has launched a tender for the creation of a university residence, in Caparica, Almada, with capacity for up to 550 beds to accommodate students, professors and researchers.

The tender aims at constituting the property right of a land plot located on the Campus of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCT) and it is expected that the work will be concluded within two years.

According to information released on Friday by the university, the initiative arises in the context of the Strategic Development Plan of the Nova na Caparica Campus and aims to improve the conditions offered to its community, attract more national and international talent, in addition to filling the lack of this type of accommodation in Almada, on the south side of the Tagus river, in the district of Setúbal.

The tender was launched on Thursday on acinGov (electronic platform for public procurement intended for all entities subject to the Public Contracts Code), with all interested parties having 90 days from this date to submit their proposals.

Currently, the residential supply dedicated to students in the vicinity of the Nova is centred on the Fraústo da Silva Residence, in Caparica, with 220 rooms for a total of 8,500 students.

“We know that well-being and quality of life are crucial factors for the success of students, teachers and researchers, so the investment in spaces where they can live with quality, interact with each other, enjoy their leisure time and, of course, study and work, is something that we consider a priority and that leads us to move forward with the launch of this tender,” explains José Ferreira Machado, vice-rector of the university, quoted in the note.

With this launch, the Nova University of Lisbon follows a first phase of development of the Innovation District, a project presented in March 2021 and which aims to create a new ‘global city’ in Almada, seeking to combine a more sustainable lifestyle with innovation and technological knowledge.

The project foresees an investment of 800 million euros and the creation of 17,000 jobs in Almada.