ERSE to hold renewable auctions indefinitely

  • ECO News
  • 29 March 2022

The energy regulator has decided to extend measures aimed at ensuring greater flexibility in the activity of supplying energy on the market and avoiding increased costs and risks for consumers.

Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE) announced this Tuesday that it has extended the extraordinary measures for the electricity and natural gas sectors, approved in November 2021, aimed at mitigating the negative impact of historic price caps on the Iberian wholesale energy markets.

These measures include:

  • Extending for a further three months, until June 30, 2022, the measure that allows electricity consumers to be supplied by last resort suppliers, in case the company with which they have an energy contract goes bankrupt.

ERSE says that “this measure is especially oriented towards a controlled and programmed exit of market agents and an adequate containment of possible systemic risks for the sector”.

  • Another measure that will be maintained, without a defined deadline, is the possibility for suppliers more vulnerable to wholesale prices and without other forms of risk coverage to acquire energy through extraordinary auctions of production from renewable sources. This allows tto acquire energy in conditions of greater price stability and with less unpredictability for end consumers.

According to the regulator, this decision was taken after a stakeholder consultation with the sector’s agents, in order to extend the already existing measures that aim to ensure greater flexibility of the activity of energy commercialisation in the market and avoid increased costs and risks for consumers.