Alexandre Fonseca becomes global co-CEO of Altice. Ana Figueiredo will lead Altice Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 18 March 2022

The Portuguese manager will become co-CEO of the Altice group, while Ana Figueiredo will take on the executive leadership of Altice Portugal.

There are changes in the leadership of the Altice group. Alexandre Fonseca will become co-CEO of the Altice group, “namely Altice Europe”, as of April 2, while Ana Figueiredo will take on the executive leadership of Altice Portugal.

According to a message sent this Friday morning to employees, to which ECO had access, the manager explains that he accepted “the challenge of Patrick Drahi and Armando Pereira” for the new functions in the group. Alexandre Fonseca revealed that he will remain in Portugal and that he will also be chairman of the Portuguese operation.

“I will lead Altice’s operations, never forgetting the path taken, my origins and the will to always do more and better”, writes the manager, who also reveals in this message that his chief of staff, André Neves Figueiredo, will accompany him in his new duties.

Alexandre Fonseca points out, in this message, that he was involved in the decision to invite Ana Figueiredo to the leadership of Altice Portugal. “Ana is today one of Altice’s most prestigious professional staff and until now she was the CEO of our Altice operation in the Dominican Republic with acknowledged success.”

And Alexandre Fonseca reinforces the thesis that Altice’s shareholders consider the Portuguese operation to be strategic and therefore it will not be sold, this after the market consultation carried out in recent months. “The Altice group’s operation in Portugal is strategically valuable and emotionally relevant for the entire group and is therefore to continue to bet on its development and growth,” the manager writes.

Fonseca has worked at the Altice group since 2012. He was chief technology officer (CTO) between June 2015 and November 2017 and assumed the presidency of Altice Portugal that month, taking it to market leader.

He now becomes co-CEO of the group. And the full structure of the Altice group’s new management team is still to be known.

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