GreenVolt signs agreement to strengthen solar energy portfolio in Portugal

The Portuguese company formalized a strategic partnership with Infraventus, becoming the holder of 50% of a set of photovoltaic solar projects under development by Infraventus.

GreenVolt and Infraventus have signed a partnership to develop solar energy projects in Portugal. Under this agreement, GreenVolt now owns 50% of a set of photovoltaic solar projects with a total capacity of 243 megawatts (MW).

In a statement, the renewable energy company said that around 160 MW are already in an “advanced stage of development.”

The 243 MW are “available in 24 clusters of renewable energy projects, with a lower environmental impact, which allows for a faster time to market and accelerates the energy transition process,” announced the Portuguese company.

The partnership will allow GreenVolt to accelerate its growth in the Portuguese market “with small-scale projects, which significantly reduces its time to market, providing in the short term more than 240 MW of energy produced from renewable sources in Portugal,” said the company’s CEO, quoted in the same statement.

GreenVolt has wind and solar photovoltaic projects in nine European markets (Portugal, UK, Poland, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Romania and Bulgaria) as well as in the US.