Portugal lifts Covid certificate requirement to access restaurants, hotels

  • ECO News
  • 17 February 2022

The Covid digital certificate will no longer be required for most spaces, such as restaurants, cultural events or hotels. It will only be required for border control.

Portugal’s government lifted the requirement to present the Covid digital certificate in most of the spaces, namely to access restaurants, tourist establishments, gyms, cultural shows and events with marked seats. It will only be required for border control.

“The requirement to present a digital certificate is also withdrawn, which remains only for border control, as an element to be verified,” the minister Mariana Vieira da Silva announced, after this Thursday’s Cabinet meeting.

Although the pandemic activity still remains “very high”, the transmissibility index and the incidence in Portugal have been falling.

In addition, the government has ended the capacity limits in commercial establishments. However, masks will continue to be mandatory for most public spaces.

As for the entry into force of these measures, the government has not committed to a specific date, as they depend on the promulgation from the President of the Republic. Mariana Vieira da Silva believes the measures may come into force “in the next few days”.