Portuguese run new $26 million fund focused on blockchain

  • ECO News
  • 18 January 2022

Led by three Portuguese, the Lightshift I fund has some of the industry's leading investors, including Diogo Mónica of Anchorage Digital.

Lightshift Capital announced this Tuesday the launch of a new $30 million fund focused on blockchain. Lightshift I is led by Portuguese Simão Cruz, CEO & founding managing partner, David Nogueira, CTO & founding managing partner, and Roberto Machado, founding partner. Diogo Mónica (Anchorage Digital), Gavin Wood (Ethereum and Polkadot founder), Marc Andreessen (a16z) and the DCG (Digital Currency Group) are some of the investors participating in this fund.

“The three founding partners want to contribute with their investing, technological and product expertise after the creation and participation in successful blockchain applications and communities,” reads a statement.

The strategy of this new early-stage fund focused on digital assets and decentralized financial services, presenting itself as a community of leading blockchain builders and experts to develop the next generation of blockchain use cases. “Its open and decentralized characteristics remove the dependency on one single team and open the possibility for the contribution of several different ones operating in an independent and global way”.

Lightshift, which aims to be the best platform to support the next generation of blockchain, crypto and web3, is focused on participating in decentralised projects and investing in their tokens.

“The fund invests in the earliest stages of development and leverages engineering teams to accelerate and empower its portfolio companies. These teams are an integral part of the development process coordinating many other builders towards a common vision,” Lightshift Capital explained.

Gavin Wood (Ethereum and Polkadot founder), Marc Andreessen (a16z), DCG (Digital Currency Group) and Diogo Mónica (Anchorage) are some of the investors participating in this fund.