Interest rates are increasing since ECB meeting. Portuguese rate rises to one-month high

  • ECO News
  • 27 December 2021

Since the central bank meeting, the interest rates on Eurozone government's debt have been on the rise. Portuguese ten-year bonds register the highest rate of the last month.

The interest rates on Eurozone governments’ debt have not stopped rising in recent days, especially since the last European Central Bank meeting, on December 16, which decided to put an end to emergency purchases because of the pandemic, while other central banks are preparing to raise reference rates because of inflation.

In Portugal’s case, the yield on ten-year Treasury bonds has risen to 0.430%, the highest since November 25, but still far from the values observed at the start of the pandemic. Even so, since the ECB meeting, it has risen by 16 basis points.

The interest rates on five-year bonds are also up in the last two weeks, rising from -0.374%, before the central bank meeting, to -0.289% this morning.