Europe has 750 hydrogen projects in motion. Over 130 are located in Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 2 December 2021

Projects range from the production of clean hydrogen to its use in industry, mobility, energy and buildings.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance unveiled this week, during the third Hydrogen Forum, a large portfolio of projects that the European industry is undertaking in order to develop the European hydrogen economy on a large scale, said the European Commission’s Representation in Portugal.

With over 750 projects, this number of projects reveals ” the size and dynamism of the European hydrogen economy,” the statement said.

This portfolio is based on a selection from over a thousand project applications from members of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance that have been assessed by the Commission according to a set of well-defined criteria, including greenhouse gas emission reductions, minimum size and maturity of projects.

The directory is searchable by project type, location, company and start date. Portugal appears with 23 projects listed in the North region, 67 in the Centre, 23 in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and 18 in the Alentejo.

This list includes, among others, projects such as:

  • RENH2DISTRIBUTION – REN Portgás Distribuição
  • RENH2GRID – REN Gasodutos, S.A
  • RENH2MOBILITY – REN Gasodutos, S.A
  • RENH2VALLEYS – REN Gasodutos, S.A
  • SABOR/MOGADOURO – Smartenergy
  • Sines Green Energy Park – Petrogal SA (GALP)
  • H2Enable – Bondalti
  • H2Mobility Alenquer – EDP Energias de Portugal, S.A.
  • HyMob Oeste – Resilient Group Lda
  • HyTagus Cluster – Iberdrola
  • Sines Green Energy Park – Petrogal SA (GALP)
  • Hyperion H2 Setúbal – Hyperion Renewables