Brisa acquires 20% stake in Via Verde Portugal

  • ECO News
  • 3 November 2021

SIBS sold to Brisa the shareholder position it held in Via Verde Portugal's capital. With this agreement, Brisa will now own 80% of the company.

Brisa announced on Wednesday that reached an agreement with SIBS to acquire the 20% stake that the group holds in Via Verde Portugal (VVP). With this deal, Brisa will now own 80% of VVP.

“SIBS sells to Brisa the shareholder position it holds in VVP’s capital. The materialisation of the agreement, with the effective purchase and sale of the shares, and namely the final definition of the new shareholder structure of VVP, is subject to compliance with the statutory rules and formalities which confer Ascendi – SGPS, SA – VVP’s third shareholder – a right to share the shares to be transferred, in the current proportion of its stake,” the company explains in a statement.

This new stage in the relationship between Brisa and SIBS is materialised through two strategic axis: the acquisition by Brisa of SIBS’ position in VVP and the reinforcement of the long-term technological partnership between both companies.

According to António Pires de Lima, Brisa’s CEO, once Brisa’s “Vision 25” Strategic Plan has been approved, the company is, with this step, “creating the best conditions for its execution in what concerns Via Verde”. “The strongest and most creative partnerships are those that have the capacity to challenge and transform themselves. We have the highest expectations regarding this new stage in the partnership that unites Brisa and SIBS in the Via Verde project,” he added.

Created in 1991, Via Verde has over 4.3 million identifiers and more than 2.7 million customers in Portugal.