Didimo founder is among Europe’s 21 most inspiring women entrepreneurs

  • ECO News
  • 26 October 2021

The "EU Prize for Women Innovators 2021" celebrates the achievements of female entrepreneurs running innovative businesses.

The leader of the Portuguese startup Didimo, Veronica Orvalho, is among the 21 most innovative entrepreneurs in Europe, according to the European Innovation Council. The 21 finalists stood out among more than 260 candidates, and the winners of the “EU Prize for Women Innovators 2021” will be known on November 24 and 25. She is the only Portuguese representative.

“Being part of this list is, more than anything, a motivation to continue to grow as a professional and to inspire others to strive for breakthroughs that help people. It is an honour to share this with more women in the tech sector and I think that young women who dream of working in this area will look to these examples as a boost,” says Veronica Orvalho, quoted in a statement.

“The future of work is digital, and it is important to share the best examples of what we do to inspire new generations to follow us and aspire to do more and better with new technologies. I believe that a young person’s education is only complete with complementarity between academic and professional experience, and I am happy that there are initiatives showing the importance of going beyond and innovating in everything we do,” adds the founder of the startup that develops 3D avatars that resemble humans in just 90 seconds.

Of Argentinian roots, Veronica Orvalho has been studying the “science of the face” for over 18 years, and has been involved in the development of video games, such as “The Simpsons Ride”.