Aicep exhibits “made in Portugal” products on Alibaba shopping site

  • ECO News
  • 25 October 2021

According to Aicep, e-commerce in the food and beverages segment could grow by more than 8% a year until 2024.

The Portuguese Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade (Aicep) will launch on Wednesday the initiative “Aggregator of Portuguese Agri-Food Products”, a kind of a showcase of Portuguese agri-food products on the Chinese marketplace Alibaba. “E-commerce can be the key to success for companies in the sector,” Aicep believes.

The project will bring together products from several Portuguese companies in the agri-food sector on a common webpage on the Chinese platform, with joint commercial and marketing management. With the support of Aicep and AMVOS Digital, “it will be possible to ensure a professional management of this website and significantly reduce the financial burden on companies, which will create favourable conditions for better performance in e-commerce.”

Aicep expects e-commerce in the food and beverages segment to grow over 8% a year until 2024, which increases the need for Portuguese companies to develop effective e-commerce strategies. The aim is to gain market share and increase the turnover of participating companies, increasing “online competition” in the medium term.

“The agri-food sector will face major challenges in the coming decades, in a context of rapidly changing consumer trends and choices. E-commerce may be the key to success for companies in the sector, which will be able to compete more freely and with access to a large global market,” explains Aicep in a statement.