Country leads euro zone, EU drops in construction output in August

  • Lusa
  • 19 October 2021

According to Eurostat, Portugal recorded the largest month-on-month increase in construction output among EU member states in August, at 2.4%.

Production in construction in the euro zone and in the European Union as a whole fell in August and was also down on a year earlier, with Portugal recording the largest month-on-month increase among EU member states, at 2.4%, according to figures released by Eurostat, the bloc’s statistics office, on Tuesday.

According to Eurostat, in August construction output fell 1.3% and 1.8% in the eurozone and EU respectively, from July, and was down 1.6% and 1.0% respectively from August 2020.

Among EU member states for which data is available, the largest year-on-year decreases in construction output were recorded in Spain (-13.9%), Romania (-7.0%) and Slovenia (-6.8%); the main increases were in Hungary (10.2%), Poland (7.9%) and Finland (4.7%). In Portugal, output was up 2.8% on the year.

The main month-on-month decreases were registered in Sweden (-10.5%), Hungary (-5.9%) and Germany (-3.1%), while the most significant increases were registered in Portugal (2.4%), Slovakia (1.9%) and Poland (1.6%).