Fuel consumption recovers in September, grows 10.46% YoY

  • Lusa
  • 19 October 2021

According to the National Energy Sector Authority (ENSE), fuel consumption rose 10.46% in September, in a "context of progressive normalisation" of the country and the economy.

Fuel consumption rose 10.46% in September, in a “context of progressive normalisation” of the country and the economy, said the National Energy Sector Authority (ENSE), in a statement.

Thus, according to the entity, “introductions to consumption [records made for tax purposes, by fuel wholesalers] recorded in Portugal in the month of September continued the trajectory of increase and recovery in a context of progressive normalisation of the functioning of the country and most economic activities”.

Thus, “in the month of September 2021, introductions to consumption, registered with ENSE through the Single Energy Desk, totalled 649,171 tonnes, which represented an increase of 61,456 tonnes (+10.46%) compared to September 2020.”

According to the entity, “there is a year-on-year rise in relation to all products, highlighting the recovery in JET (+38,245 tonnes or + 67.13%)”.

Analysing consumption in the same period of 2019, ENSE found that “petrol and diesel (without JET fuel) already record higher figures than the pre-pandemic period with rises, respectively, of 9.43% and 4.02%, and, in view of the still much lower JET figures, the total figures show a clear recovery, but still below those seen in September 2019.”

ENSE also concluded that “analysing the entire period from January to September 2021 compared to that verified in 2020”, it is possible to “conclude that there was a year-on-year increase of 1.81%, which shows a gradual normalisation of demand and consumption levels”.