Portuguese industry pays 2.5 times more for energy than French counterpart

  • ECO News
  • 23 September 2021

In Portugal, the industry was paying an average of 103.35 EUR/MWh until the beginning of September. Compared to France, for example, the price is 2.5 times higher.

They export to the same markets and compete directly with Spanish, French and German companies, but when it comes to paying the energy bill, it is the Portuguese electro-intensive industries that suffer, with an average value per MWh that has reached well over twice what their competitors in other European countries paid. Compared to France, for example, the price is 2.5 times higher.

According to calculations made by the Portuguese Association of Large Electricity Consumers (APIGCEE) for ECO, in Portugal, the industry was paying an average of €103.35/MWh until the beginning of September – more than the €99.62/MWh in Spain, more than the €65.58/MWh in Germany and much more than the €42.23/MWh in France.

“If production factors, such as electricity, have a higher percentage weight in Portugal than in other countries with which we compete, this will lead to an increased loss of competitiveness with an impact on turnover,” says the association, warning that “exports are at risk.”

Particularly, if “companies are unable to reflect the increase in variable costs in the final price of products, or if it is no longer possible to further squeeze marketing margins so as not to lose competitiveness in international markets.”

“Whoever exports to central Europe is certainly in difficulties,” assures the APIGCEE.

Adding to this equation is the end of the interruptibility mechanism, worth €100 million per year (which will now be converted into one of the government’s “cushions” to curb electricity prices), scheduled for October 31. With this change, estimates APIGCEE, the value of the MWh paid by the national industry will increase even more, to €116,85. However, in the association’s view, which represents electro-intensive industries, not even this €100 million compensated for the price difference to other countries (such as France and Germany).