Fischer enters Portugal with a €5.6 million investment in Amarante

  • ECO News
  • 3 September 2021

Swiss multinational Fischer Connectors will invest €5.6 million in the construction of a new factory in Amarante. The group plans to hire around 100 employees in Portugal.

Swiss multinational Fischer Connectors, specialised in high-tech connectors, has chosen Portugal to expand its business and will invest €5.6 million in the construction of a new factory in Amarante, more specifically in Paúl de Cima. The group plans to hire about 100 employees, and in the first phase is expected to recruit 50 people.

The new factory, which will be completed by the end of 2022, will be geared towards the assembly of connectors and is the first of its kind outside Switzerland. The construction of the new factory in Amarante will reduce production costs.

“This investment is fundamental for the city of Amarante. When we talk about foreign multinationals that want to increase their competitiveness and productivity and choose a city like Amarante, it is an excellent indicator and can cause a knock-on effect,” José Luís Gaspar Jorge, Mayor of Amarante, tells ECO.

For Fischer Connectors, the industrial history, cost base, work environment, cultural factors, talent and availability were the main reasons that led the Swiss group to choose Amarante.

The group’s CEO, Jonathan Brossard, explains that the manufacturing unit in Portugal “is one of the keystones of the group’s operational growth strategy as a global connectivity partner of original equipment manufacturers worldwide,” said Jonathan Brossard, quoted in a statement.