João Sousa Ferreira appointed head of Investment Banking at Citi’s Portuguese branch

  • ECO News
  • 8 April 2021

João Sousa Ferreira has been with Citi since 2010, having taken part in all the operations carried out by the American bank in Portugal since then.

João Sousa Ferreira has been appointed head of investment banking at Citi’s Portuguese branch. The manager has been with the American bank since 2010, having been involved in all the operations carried out by Citi in Portugal since then.

He has led several of the bank’s recent operations in the country, including Galp’s acquisition of renewable energy assets from the Spanish group ACS, in 2020, in which Citi acted as adviser to the Portuguese company in a deal valued at 450 million euros.

This year, Citi led the €1.5 billion capital increase of EDP Renováveis.

As part of his new duties, João Sousa Ferreira will work from Madrid and Lisbon.