Bank of Portugal expresses “strong reservations” about Tamraz’s move to EuroBic

  • ECO News
  • 12 January 2021

The Bank of Portugal, which is now led by Mário Centeno, expressed "strong reservations" at Roger Tamraz's entry into EuroBic’s capital.

The banking regulator alerted EuroBic shareholders at the end of last year that Netoil, a company led by Roger Tamraz (who is in the race to take over EuroBic), had provided wrong and inaccurate information. The Bank of Portugal has raised “strong reservations” about this entrepreneur’s entry into the Portuguese banking sector, reveals the Jornal de Negócios on Tuesday.

The central bank has warned current shareholders that they must protect EuroBic. To date, the BoP has not received a formal proposal for this deal. Officially, the Bank of Portugal says it “does not comment on matters subject to the duty of confidentiality” and recalls that the authorisation of the deal is “the exclusive competence of the ECB.”

Tamraz recently admitted becoming the majority shareholder of EuroBic, acquiring not only the stakes of Isabel dos Santos (42.5%) and Fernando Teles (37.5%), but also of Luís Cortez dos Santos, Manuel Pinheiro Fernandes and Sebastião Lavrador, according to the Jornal de Negócios.