Tourism in Portugal “did not recover” in September – INE

  • ECO News
  • 29 October 2020

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) estimates that tourism activity in Portugal "did not recover in September."

The tourist activity in Portugal “did not recover in September”. INE’s flash estimate shows that the sector should have registered 1.4 million guests and 3.6 million overnight stays, figures that represent year-on-year falls of 52.2% and 53.4% respectively.

The data point to a worsening compared to August, when the number of guests was 43.2% below the previous year’s level, and 47.1% fewer overnight stays were registered compared to the same month.

“In September, 24.3% of tourist accommodation establishments would have been closed or did not received guests (21.2% in August),” says the National Statistics Institute (INE) in a report published this Thursday. This is a worsening from the 21.2% registered in August.

“Overnight stays from residents will have decreased by 8.5% (-2.1% in August) reaching 2.0 million, corresponding to 57.2% of the total, while those from non-residents will have fallen by 71.9% (-72.0% in the previous month), standing at 1.5 million. Resident guests would have been 890.3 thousand, corresponding to a decrease of 15.1% (-4.6% in August) and non-resident guests would have reached a total of 492.7 thousand, decreasing by 73.3% (-70.1% in the previous month),” INE added.