One in 10 Portuguese employees experience time pressure

  • ECO News
  • 7 October 2020

In Portugal, almost 12% of employees work under time pressure. In the European Union, Malta and Slovakia stand out with 21% and 4% respectively.

Almost 12% of all persons employed in Portugal always worked under time pressure. According to data released by Eurostat, Portugal is the eighth country among the Member States of the European Union with the largest share of workers in this situation, being above the EU average.

Last year, 11.8% of workers in Portugal always worked under time pressure. 17.3% often did so, 38% sometimes did so, and 27.1% reported never doing so.

In the EU, the share of employed persons always working under time pressure was slightly lower (10.5%), with the group of workers feeling pressure often or sometimes higher than in Portugal (17.3% and 38% respectively).

On the other hand, the share of Portuguese workers who never felt time pressure to perform their jobs was more considerable than in the EU bloc as a whole (27.1% against 21.4%).

All in all, Portugal appears in eighth place in the ranking, in terms of the share of workers feeling permanent time pressure in the course of their working day. In the first place, Malta appears, where this group exceeds 20%. It is followed by Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Slovenia, Greece and Austria.

In contrast, Slovakia has the smallest share of employees in this situation (4%). Latvia, Croatia and Estonia also appear at the bottom.